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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Vettons. Please read these Terms, our Privacy Policy and any other terms referenced in this document carefully.

These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern your access to and use of our Website, mobile applications and Services ( “Platform”) provided by Vettons Sdn Bhd (“Vettons” or “we” or “us”). The Platform includes our website
(“Website”) any of our various online mobile applications. The Platform is an e-commerce marketplace that enables registered Member to place, accept, conclude, manage and fulfil Order(s) for the sale and purchase of Product(s) and/or Services online. Vettons primarily operates, manages and provides the Platform for the purpose of enabling safe and reliable transactions between its Member and Merchant. By making a purchase on the Platform, you are purchasing the Product(s) from an independent Merchant and not from Vettons, unless we are specifically named as the Merchant on the record.

By accessing and using the Platform, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the following Terms and agree to be bound by them.

1 - Acceptance of Terms

1.1 Scope

1.1.1 These Terms are to be read together with all other Policies as published on the Platform from time to time. 

1.1.2 Vettons reserves the right to review and modify these Terms from time to time without prior notice . You are responsible for checking our Terms regularly and by continuing to access or use the Platform, you are deemed to accept the modified Terms.

1.2 - Services and the Platform

1.2.1 Vettons provides e-commerce facilities and services via the Platform which enables the sale and            purchase of Product(s) via the Platform (“Services”). 

1.2.2 If you do not agree to any of the Terms, please do not continue using the Platform or any of our Services. 

1.2.3 The use of the Platform is at your own risk. Vettons does not take any responsibility or agree to indemnify you for losses you suffer arising from such use, and you irrevocably agree to hold Vettons harmless and indemnify Vettons from any losses that you may suffer therefrom.

1.3 Use of Members’ Personal Data

1.3.1 Vettons collects, uses and protects Member’s personal data in accordance to the Privacy Policy.

1.3.2 By continuing to access the Platform and using the Services, you are deemed to accept the terms of   the Privacy Policy.

2 - Account Registration

2.1 Registration

2.1.1 In order to access or use the Services, you are required to register as a member (“Member”) of the Platform. 

2.1.2    Vettons reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to or use of your account, the Platform or the Services (or any part of the same) if Vettons determines in its sole discretion that you are in breach of any of the Terms including any fraud or suspicious activity by the account holder.

2.1.3.  The Member shall not register the account using the word “Vettons”, “Test” and “Number” including invalid email or domain which failure to comply shall lead to the suspension or termination account as determined by Vettons.

2.2 Membership Categories

2.2.1 An account may be registered with the Platform under any one or more of the following categories:

(a) Buyer;

(b) Merchant (with business / company registration);

(c) Brand; or

(d) Fleet.

2.3 Application Requirements (applicable to Merchant / Brand / Fleet)

2.3.1 You must comply with the following to register and maintain an account on the Platform:

(a) for a Merchant, Brand or Fleet account, you must be an incorporated legal entity or have a business  registration number and are authorized under your constitution documents to conduct business with us in accordance with the laws of Malaysia; and

(b) you must also provide all such information and documents required to support the application,     including but not limited to your company/business registration number, company incorporation     documents and details of personnel handling the account.

2.3.2 You warrant that all information provided to Vettons is accurate, current and complete at all times and any changes will be notified to us immediately. You shall indemnify and keep Vettons indemnified and hold Vettons harmless for any expense, loss or damage that we may suffer arising from any inaccurate or false statement or misrepresentation of facts you submitted. 

2.3.3 Vettons reserves the right to accept or reject your application to register an account on the Platform if:

(a) Vettons is unable to verify your identity;

(b) the information you provided is associated with or linked to the profile of another existing Member on the Platform; 

(c) the information you provided is false, inaccurate or incomplete;

(d) you register for a new account within one (1) month from the date of termination or cancellation  of another account on the Platform; 

(e) you have signed up for another account on the Platform and that account has been suspended, blacklisted, cancelled or terminated by Vettons; 

(f) you have breached any of the Terms; and/or

(g) any other reason as determined by Vettons.

2.4 Completion of Registration

2.4.1 You will be registered with an account upon the successful completion of the registration process as determined by Vettons. For verification purpose, we may require you to upload your identification documents.

2.5 Account Details

2.5.1 You are responsible for safekeeping and protecting your account information, including your account password. Please do not share your account information with any other parties. You agree to notify us immediately should there be any unauthorized use of your account or password or of any other breach of security. You may be held liable for losses incurred by Vettons or any other Member on the Platform due to access to or misuse of the Services or the Platform through your account.

2.5.2  Your account is personal to you and you must not access any other Member’s account.

2.6 Use of Services (applicable to Merchant / Brand / Fleet)

2.6.1 Unless specified otherwise, you may browse our Platform and use our Services for free.

2.6.2 However, certain Services or functions on the Platform which are provided  may require the payment of fees as further described in specific terms and/or other agreements as may be prescribed or entered into with Vettons from time to time.

2.6.3 Any fees imposed shall be charged, settled and/or otherwise dealt with in accordance with the terms of  the Merchant Agreement, Policies and/or any other agreement you may enter into with Vettons.

2.7 Suspension and Termination of Membership

2.7.1  Vettons reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the Services and/or your account, terminate your account and/or take any such measures or actions that Vettons deems necessary without prior notice to you if:

(a) you are found to or suspected to have engaged in any activity or act that is in breach any of these Terms, or any other agreements entered with you;

(b) where you have committed or are suspected to commit any wrongdoing/unlawful act; and/or

(c) there are any other reasonable grounds including fraudulent transaction, account takeover, abused coupons and false information or fake account creation as Vettons determines at its sole discretion.

2.7.2 You may terminate your account at any time by writing to us at provided that all sale and purchase transactions of any product that are currently in progress must be either be completed or cancelled.

2.7.3 Termination of your membership, either in accordance with Clause 2.7.1 or Clause 2.7.2, will result in you losing:

(a) all credits  accumulated; and

(b) your shopping history.

2.8 Consequences of Termination

2.8.1 Where your account is suspended or terminated, whether by Vettons for any reason whatsoever or where you voluntarily terminate your account (as the case may be), Vettons may, without prior notice to you:

(a) Cancel and/or reverse any and all Orders under your account, including cancelling the delivery of any Product(s) purchased and refunding all payments made for the same (at Vettons’ sole discretion);

(b) Cancel, forfeit or deduct credits, points and/or coupons as may be available under your account on the date of termination;

(c) Cancel, forfeit or deduct other benefits shall be invoked immediately;

(d) Disallow or restrict the use of all or part of the Services and/or the Platform upon termination of account;

(e) Deny or decline any new application for membership submitted by you within 1 month from the date of termination;

(f) Disallow the use of your previous data or delete all data relating to your account; and/or

(g)  Claim for compensation or damages for any antecedent breaches by you prior to the termination.

2.9 Compensation for Losses

2.9.1 Where, in using the Services or accessing the Platform, any of your actions cause any losses to Vettons, you shall be liable for and shall compensate Vettons for all costs and expenses incurred or suffered. In the event of any inquiries, complaints or claims raised by third parties due to the said actions by you, you shall be solely responsible and liable to the said third parties to resolve such inquiries, complaints or claims at your own cost and shall indemnify and keep indemnified and hold Vettons harmless at all times.

2.10 Dormant Account

2.10.1 Vettons may deem your account to be dormant if you did not log in or access to the Platform for a   duration longer than twelve (12) months. 

2.10.2 In the event that your account is deemed dormant, Vettons may place a restriction on the use of Services and/or the Platform. In addition to the foregoing, if you are a Merchant, Vettons may further purge and remove your product listings from your Merchant store on the Platform. 

2.10.3 In order for you to commence using the Services again, Vettons may require you to verify your identity before you can reactivate your account or continue using the Platform and/or the Services. 

3 - Use of Platform and Services

3.1 Compliance

3.1.1 As a condition of your use of the Services and/or access to the Platform, you agree that:

(a) You shall not violate any applicable laws in connection with your access to or use of the Platform and/or Services;

(b) You shall comply with these Terms;

(c) You shall not upload any content that violates or infringes another party’s intellectual property rights; or post any content which is false, inaccurate, misleading, unlawful, defamatory, libellous, discriminatory, obscene, offensive, invasive of privacy, harassing, threatening or abusive;

(d) You shall not copy, reproduce, compile, modify, distribute, reverse engineer or resell any work derived from the Services, or otherwise exploit the same for commercial purposes;

(e) You shall not collect or use any personal information or data of other Members without their consent;

(f) You shall not use the Platform for any purpose for which it is not designed or intended; and 

(g) You shall not engage or attempt to engage in any activities to interrupt, or that are likely to interrupt, the smooth processing of the Services or the Platform or Vettons’ operations and/or business, including but not limited to using any scraper, robot, bot, spider, crawler or any other automated device or means to access, acquire, copy or monitor any portion of the Platform, or any data or content found or access through the Platform. engage in cyber attacks, hacking, distributing viruses or any other technologies that may harm the Platform or the interests or property of other users of the Platform.

3.1.2 You shall conduct yourself in accordance with good public order and morals, and shall refrain from:

(a) persistently raising complaints without any reasonable grounds or justification;

(b) repeatedly cancelling or returning Products that are not particularly defective or unsatisfactory without reasonable grounds or justification; or

(c) engaging in behaviour which violates public order or is destructive to generally accepted customs or norms.

3.2 Liability for Third Party Websites

3.2.1 If you visit a third party website through a link or advertisement or reference information available on the Platform, you shall do so at your own risk. Vettons shall not be responsible for any losses you suffer from your visit of such third party website.

3.3 Suspension of Services

3.3.1 Vettons may restrict or temporarily suspend the provision of all or part of the Services to you in the event such Services are unable to be provided due to:

(a) maintenance work;

(b) the occurrence of power or communications outage;

(c) technical problems on the part of our third party suppliers or partners;

(d) the occurrence of a natural disaster, act of terrorism or other force majeure events; and/or

(e) any other reason(s) that Vettons may deem necessary for such suspension.

3.3.2 Vettons shall not be liable for any damages or losses that you or any third party may suffer or sustain as a result of any restriction or temporary suspension of any Services in accordance with these Terms.

4 - Sale and Purchase of Products

4.1 No Representation

4.1.1 Vettons is not an agent for, and does not represent any Member or merchant, and does not act on behalf of any of the user, unless specifically named as the merchant on record. 

4.1.2 You shall be solely and directly responsible for all liabilities related to transactions entered into by yourself and in relation to any information provided by you to other Members or Merchant and vice versa.

4.1.3 Any liabilities and risks relating to transactions undertaken between a Member and a Merchant shall be borne by the relevant parties. As such, before proceeding with any transaction on the Platform, you should make your own independent assessment and determination regarding the statements, product descriptions, the representations of the other party and the party’s ability to pay for or deliver the Products offered and specific terms and conditions imposed by the Merchant regarding refunds and returns (if any).

4.1.4 If you are under the age of 18, you must obtain permission from your parents or legal guardian before you purchase any Products. Any transaction entered into without such consent may be cancelled by Vettons or the parents or legal guardian, as the case may be.

4.2 Placing of Order

4.2.1 If you place an Order to purchase a Product on the Platform and the Order is accepted by the Merchant, you are obligated to complete the transaction with the Merchant and to be bound by such additional terms and conditions specified by the Merchant as listed on the Platform, unless:

(a) the Transaction is prohibited by law or these Terms ;

(b) the Merchant materially changes the Product’s description or the Product does not conform to the Merchant’s description; or

(c) a manifest error exists in the Product listing information which materially affects the terms of the sale.
An Order may be cancelled by the Consumer at any time the cancellation button is visible during the Order “Accepted” status.

4.2.3 The Platform shall notify a Merchant of all Orders made, and upon the Merchant’s acceptance of an Order, the status for the transaction shall be reflected as “Preparing Order”.

4.2.4  Where you have submitted an Order and made full payment for the same, if a Merchant fails to confirm acceptance of the Order within such period of time as required under the Merchant Agreement, transaction will automatically be cancelled, and a refund will be issued.

4.3 Offer and Acceptance

4.3.1 The Consumer may place an Order for the product which constitutes an offer to purchase and shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the Order. All Orders are offers subject to the Merchant’s acceptance. A binding contract is formed between the Consumer and the Merchant when the Merchant accepts the Order.

 4.3.2 An Order is deemed accepted and a binding contract is in place when the status of an Order on the   Platform is updated to “Ready to Ship”.

 4.3.3 In the event of an electronic, computer, operational and/or technical error affecting details and pricing of a Product or any promotion on the Platform, Vettons reserves the absolute right to rectify such error and/or cancel any transaction which has been entered into in reliance on the said error.

 4.3.4 You agree and understand that your remedy as a Consumer in the event of any cancellation made pursuant to Clause 4.3 is the refund of the amount paid by you in respect of any such cancelled transaction. Nothing in this clause shall entitle you to further or additional compensation, and you shall have no right to insist on the completion of the transaction and/or delivery of the Products under the Order.

4.4 Payment for Products

4.4.1 Payment for Products purchased on the Platform can be made via the following methods:

(a) credit card;

(b) debit card;

(c) online banking;

(d) Mobile Wallet;

(e) Credits;

and shall be in accordance with such terms and conditions as stated on the Platform. 
In the event of any cancellation or refund, the refund methods shall be dealt with in accordance with the cancellation, returns and refunds Policy in force at such time.

4.4.2 Payment for any purchase of Products on the Platform must be made within the stipulated periods below from the date the Order is submitted. If payment is not completed within such time period, the said Order shall be automatically cancelled by the system.

(a) One (1) hour - for shipping method “Vettons Now” 

(b) Twenty Four (24) hours- for shipping method “Vettons Standard”

4.4.3 When making payment, you must only use payment methods that are legally available to you and shall not fraudulently use any means of payment under another party’s name. Pursuant to the same, we reserve the right to take all such actions to review any payment and where deemed necessary, to suspend the processing of such Order until our investigations are complete. As a Consumer, you agree to be responsible for all damages and losses suffered or sustained by Vettons, the owner of such payment methods and the Merchant, which arise out of any fraudulent actions by you.

5 - Payment Protection Services

5.1 Purpose and Mechanism

5.1.1 Vettons provides payment protection services (“Payment Protection Services”) to its Members, whereby any payment made by a Consumer for the purchase of Product is withheld by Vettons and only released to the Merchant upon confirmation that the delivery of a Product has been made and such other appropriate criteria in Order to protect the Consumer’s interest. Payment Protection Services applies to all Products purchased on the Platform. 

5.1.2 If you have purchased any Products and completed full payment for the same but: 

(a) have not received the Product within the time period stated by the Merchant in the Product   page; or

(b) have received a Product which is reported to Vettons within the time periods below as being defective or materially different from the description as stated on the Platform;

you may contact Vettons, and we shall conduct an investigation. If we determine in our sole and final discretion that the Order qualifies for a refund, we will credit the payment made by you for the Products.

5.2 Cessation of Payment Protection Services

5.2.1  You are entitled to consumer protection under the Payment Protection Services only until the Product purchased is successfully delivered and accepted by you, which for the purpose of this Clause 5, shall be at any point of time before Order “Completed”, being the updating of the status of a transaction to reflect Order “Completed” on the Platform.

5.2.2 Order “Completed” can be confirmed either by way of:-

(a) Order “Completed” by Consumer. You may confirm your purchase by accessing the “My Shipment     Delivered” area in your account on the Platform, locate your Order and confirm delivery by clicking on the “Confirm” button;

or(b) Automatic Order “Completed” by System. Where you do not take active steps to confirm receipt of the Product in the manner set out above, and where you have not taken any active steps to return the Product received, you are deemed to have affected Order “Completed” upon the expiry of the following time periods:

5.2.3 Once the status of a transaction is changed to “Completed” on the Platform, protection for the said transaction under the Payment Protection Services will no longer be available to you, and your payment for the Product will be released to the Merchant.

5.2.4 Any request for cancellation and refund of the Order after the cessation of the Payment Protection Services shall need to be made directly to the Merchant, subject to the Merchant’s approval and such terms and conditions as the Merchant may impose.

6 - Delivery of Products

6.1 Proper Delivery Address

6.1.1 Delivery of the products shall be made to the address specified by you in your order. You agree to bear the risk for any products wrongly delivered due to incorrect details provided by you.

6.2 Options of Shipping Method:

6.2.1 Delivery day for each shipping option is based on Vettons estimation time only where delay is expected to occur.

6.3 Failure to Deliver by Merchant

6.3.1 If the Merchant fails to deliver the Product in accordance with the Order without any proper, reasonable and acceptable justification, you may request for the transaction to be cancelled.

6.3.2 In such instances, Vettons shall refund any payment made by you in accordance with the cancellation, return or refunds policy in force at such time.

7 - Promo Codes

7.1 Issuance and Uses

7.1.1 The promo codes are non-transferrable, and you are only allowed to use it for your own purchases.

7.1.2 The use of any promo codes may be restricted and only be applicable for certain Products in certain categories or subject to a minimum or stated amount/value of purchases. Promo codes may not be used after the respective expiry date. Promo codes are not reusable in the event a refund is made due to cancellation or the return of a Product.

7.2 Discount Types

7.2.1 The type of discount entitlement on purchases are as follows:

(a) Vettons Promo Code – discount applicable for one (1) Product purchased only. For example:

(i) purchase two (2) or more units of Product X, discount applies only to the first unit of Product X;

(ii) purchase one (1) unit of Product X and one (1) unit of Product Y, discount applies to either Product X or Product Y, but not to both Products.            

(b)Vettons Cart Code – discount is applicable for total Order amount (excluding shipping fee);

(c) Vettons Shipping Code – discount is applicable for shipping fee for one (1) shipment i.e. one (1)   coupon per shipment;

(d) Store Cart Code – discount is applicable for total Order amount of specific Products from a specific Merchant store (excluding shipping fee); and

(e) other types of discount, as Vettons may issue from time to time, subject to the discount entitlement and specific conditions as Vettons shall decide.

7.3 Cancellation of Promo Code

7.3.1 If your Order is cancelled, your promo code will be automatically reissued provided that the cancellation occurs within the promo code validity period.

7.3.2 The reissued promo code will be valid for the remainder of the original validity period and Vettons will not entertain any request for extension of the validity period for the reissued promo code. It shall be your responsibility to track the validity period of the promo codes and no request for reissue or extension of validity period of expired promo codes will be entertained.

7.3.3 Notwithstanding the aforementioned, Vettons reserves the right to cancel a promo code and/or amend the terms and conditions applicable for promo codes at its sole and absolute discretion.

8 - Disputes between Consumer and Merchant

8.1 Discussions in Good Faith

8.1.1 In case of any disputes relating to the purchase and sale of the Products on the Platform between you and the Merchant, you shall first attempt to resolve the dispute with the Merchant directly in good faith.

8.2 Referral of Dispute to Vettons

8.2.1 In the event the parties are unable to resolve the dispute, Vettons reserves the right to suggest and implement an appropriate resolution at its sole discretion.

8.2.2 You agree to abide by and be bound by Vettons’ decision and that Vettons shall be entitled to:

(a) cancel any transaction;

(b) release any funds held under the Payment Protection Services to either of the disputing parties;

(c) temporarily or permanently suspend either or both of the disputing parties’ accounts;

(d) temporarily or permanently remove listings of a particular Product;

(e) remove any unlawful content from a Merchant store;

(f) revise the rating for the disputing parties’ accounts;

(g) cancel any coupons, credits and/or points issued; and

(h) carry out all such other actions deemed necessary to ensure the decision is enforced fairly and reasonably.

9 - Intellectual Property Rights

9.1 Site Contents

9.1.1 All intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered in relation to the content on the Platform (including website, design, software, images, underlying source code and software) belong to Vettons and where applicable, the content providers and third party licensors. All rights are reserved. 

9.1.2 You shall not copy, reproduce, compile, modify, distribute, reverse engineer, transfer, or transmit in any form or stored or installed on any servers or systems without Vettons’ written permission. However, you may view, print or use the content available on the Platform for your personal and non-commercial use. You agree not to use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Platform for any purpose without the prior written permission from Vettons.

9.1.3 Any person may protect their rights by contacting Vettons in the event their copyright or other intellectual property has been infringed or violated on the Platform by any person. Vettons may at its sole and absolute discretion remove the Product listing, information, specification and/or photograph complained of and/or suspend sales of the corresponding Products, until such time that Vettons investigates and at its sole and absolute discretion decides that the complaints and/or that the alleged claims are invalid.

9.1.4 You shall indemnify and hold harmless Vettons and its directors and employees from all actions, claims and demands which may be instituted or made against you arising from your use of intellectual property rights or violation of any applicable intellectual property laws.

10 - Liability


10.1  Under no circumstances shall Vettons, our officers, directors, agents or employees be liable to you for any claims, demands, damages or losses, howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with your access to and use of the Platform and / or Service.

10.2 All the content in the Platform is provided on an “as is” basis without any warranties, claims or representations, whether express or implied, by Vettons. Vettons does not guarantee that the Platform (and its operations) and/or the Services will be accessible or error-free at all times.

10.3 Vettons is not a Merchant (unless specified as the Merchant on record) and make no representations whatsoever on the quality, safety or legality of the products, the truth or accuracy of the content posted on the Platform, or that an order will be completed successfully. Vettons shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on information obtained through the Platform. It shall be your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any information and provided, and use of the Platform is solely at your own risk.

10.4 The Platform does not transfer legal ownership of products from a Merchant to a Consumer. Unless a Consumer and Merchant agrees otherwise, Consumer will become the Product's lawful owner upon physical receipt of the Product from Merchant.

10.5 If you have a dispute with another user of the Platform, you hereby release Vettons, and our officers, directors, agents and employees, from claims, demands and damages, actual and consequential, of every kind and nature , known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.

10.6 In no event shall vettons be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential or punitive damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever, whether in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise, including without limitation, those resulting from: (1) reliance on the materials presented, (2) costs of replacement products, (3) loss of use, data or profits, (4) delays or business interruptions, (5) negligence, (6) and any theory of liability, out of or arising in connection with the use of, or inability to use platform, whether or not vettons has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

10.7 You hereby indemnify and hold vettons, and our officers, directors, agents,  and employees, harmless from any claim or demand or damages, including all legal fees, as a result of any claims, demands or proceedings, by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of this terms and/or the merchant agreement (as the case may be), or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

10.8 All materials, information, software, products, services and other content contained in the website and applications, or from a linked site is provided to you "as is" without warranty or conditions of any kind, express or whether implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties or conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, security or accuracy. vettons has made reasonable efforts to post current and accurate information on the platform; however, vettons assumes no responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions whatsoever in the information provided in the platform. under no circumstances will vettons be liable for any loss or damage to the members caused by reliance on information obtained through the platform. it is the members’ responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information provided and use of the platform is solely at your own risk.

11 - Access and Interference

Access and Interference

11.1 The Platform contains robot exclusion headers. Most of the information on the Platform is updated on a real time basis and is proprietary or is licensed to Vettons by the Platform’s Members or third parties. You agree not to use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Platform for any purpose without the prior written permission from Vettons.

11.2 As a Member of the Platform , you agree that you will not:

(a)interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Platform or any activities conducted on the Platform; or

(b)bypass our robot exclusion headers or any other measures we may use to prevent or restrict access to the Platform.

12 - General


12.1 Governing Law. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Malaysia for any controversy, claim or dispute arising out of or relating to these Terms.

12.2 Notices. Any notice, request, demand or other communication to Vettons under these Terms shall be given or made in writing and delivered personally or sent by prepaid registered post to our designated address or email addresses as may be amended from time to time. Vettons shall be deemed to have received such notice only upon receipt.

12.3 No Assignment. Vettons shall have the right to assign and/or novate these Terms or any part of the same to any person or entity, by providing written notice to you which shall be posted on the Platform, and you hereby irrevocably agree and consent to any such assignment and/or novation. You may not assign, in whole or part, any of these Terms to any person or entity.

12.4 Force Majeure. Neither party shall be liable for any failure to perform any of its obligations under these Terms  if the performance is prevented, hindered or delayed by strikes, industrial disputes, fire, floods, acts of any government, riots, war, national emergency, Act of God, impediment by government laws, rules, regulations or orders or other events of force majeure and in such case its obligations shall be suspended for so long as such event continues.

12.5 Severability. If any provision of these Terms and/or the Merchant Agreement is found to be illegal, void or unenforceable under the law, these Terms shall continue in force save that such provision shall be deemed severed with effect from the date of such decision.

12.6 Waiver. A failure by Vettons to exercise or enforce any rights conferred upon it by these Terms shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any such rights or operate as to bar the exercise or enforcement thereof at any subsequent time or times.