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How do I register as a Merchant on Vettons?

In order to register or sign up as a Merchant on Vettons, simply fill in your company details at forms and our business team will be in touch with you shortly.

Who is eligible to sell products on Vettons?

Only authorized dealers and approved brand representatives are eligible to sell products on Vettons.

How do you make sure there is no unauthorised reseller? How are you going to determine whether the reseller is the real authorised seller?

We request an authorisation letter and will verify with the respective parties to ensure the validity of the documents.

What are the other requirements in order to become a Merchant or Brand on Vettons?

For a detailed list of requirements in order to become a Merchant or Brand on Vettons, please email us at .Our team will get back to you shortly and walk you through the necessary steps.

Are there any fees involved to become a Merchant or Brand Owner?

No fees for signup are imposed at the moment.

How long will the registration process take?

Approval will take up to 3 working days upon submission of completed documents. Our Merchandising(MD) team will contact you once you are successfully registered  to help you with setup and further operations.


Will the merchant be able to do bulk edit of price & stocks?

Yes, we are working towards providing this solution in the near future.

I’m using site giant, can your site sync with mine?

Yes, we are working towards providing this solution in the near future.

Will the merchant have a desktop version for merchant app?

Yes, our merchant app desktop version is .

Which app do I use - the brand app or the merchant app?

The brand app is for brand partners or brand owners, and the merchant app is for merchant or retail partners.

What do I do if I have 3 brands in multiple outlets?

The brand app supports multiple user log-ins, so no worries there!

Operations and Logistics

How do I deliver my products to my customers?

Merchant and Brand owners only need to pack the items using Vettons flyers or Vettons parcel boxes and wait for our logistics partners to pick them up from your place.

Any packaging guidelines for the parcel?

Yes, all products need to be bubble wrapped before being packed inside boxes, taking measures to secure products within their packaging to minimise movement. Vettons packaging materials can be found on Vettons App.

Seller’s product may provide “trial” period for customer. How will Vettons refund back the
amount to the buyer in this case?

We do have a 7 day return policy. For a refund, products would need to be returned in original packaging. Electronics must remain unopened in order to be returned for refund.

What is the cut-off time for Vettons Now and Vettons Express?

For Vettons Now, Merchant has one (1) hour to accept the order and one (1) to prepare the parcel (Ready to Ship). For Vettons Express, Merchant need to accept and ready to ship latest by same day at 16:30.

When will the logistics provider come and pick up an order in the case where two shipping options were selected? Let’s say the customer orders Vettons Now at 10am and orders another with Vettons Express at 2pm.

Our logistics provider will pick up the parcels one by one, as the orders come in.


Who is your target market?

We define our customer as a middle-upper household income earner. This urban professional has disposable
income that he/she enjoys using for shopping.

How is Vettons going to encourage users to download the app?

Our marketing campaign planning is designed to address different phases in the customer journey, and also utilizes different channel and messaging mixes depending on product development, time of year, etc. We know that the right messaging at the right times, supported by the proper amount of data-driven paid advertising, will yield our target number of downloads.

Can we have our own campaign to shout out? Or do we need to go with your company marketing?

We encourage partners to speak about their affiliation with Vettons and provide messaging to support our relationship. We are also happy to discuss ways that your brand can be integrated into the overall Vettons marketing campaign.


Can I download monthly invoice / statement for record purposes?

Yes, we are working towards providing this solution in the near future.

What are the Merchant payout methods? Direct banking or Credit card? Paypal? etc?

Internet banking is used for payments at the moment. In the future, we will secure credit card and eWallet solutions.

How do you price your postage?

This depends on mileage and weight, and is based on a standard schedule. Currently, our partners charge MYR 5.30 for items 2 kilos or less in weight. At the moment, 70% of products' weight is 2-3kg. We are always seeking the most cost effective solutions for partners.

How long is our credit term?

Credit terms are 14 working days.

Can a refund be credited directly into credit cards aside from e-wallet?

This depends on what the user has used to pay. If the user paid with a credit card, refunds will be applied to that credit card. If the user purchased with internet banking, it cannot.


What is the penalty to seller for being unable to fulfil the order in time?

We will have a seller grading feature in a near future built into our platform. For a one time offence, there will be a warning. For a second offence, the account will be suspended for 3 day. For the 3rd offence, the account will be cancelled. The cost of logistics incurred will be the responsibility of the partner.

Can I pull out of the platform at any time?

Yes, sellers can remove themselves from the platform at any time.

Are there safety measurements and insurance coverage for luxury goods?

Yes, insurance covers up to MYR 200 per shipment (per 3PL). We are planning to offer solutions that cover up to MYR 10,000 per shipment for luxury goods. (excluding jewellery products, insurers are not offering coverage for these products in e-commerce transaction) For the time being, vendors are advised to insure the shipment using their own insurance company.

Do you allow refund for change of mind?

No, refund due to change of mind is not allowed.

What is the return process for faulty goods or exchangeable goods for users?

At the moment, Vettons does not support exchanges, but we are working towards a solution to be rolled out in the near future. For faulty goods, customers can contact Vettons Customer Support and report the incident - our team will take on the investigation case by case. Additionally, the customer is able to cancel the order through the app before the shipment is picked up for delivery.

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