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Contest Standard Terms
& Conditions

Thank you for choosing Vettons. Please read these Terms, our Privacy Policy and any other terms referenced in this document carefully.

Contest Standard Terms and Conditions

This Contest is organised by Vettons Sdn. Bhd. (“Vettons” or “We”) and governed by this Standard Terms and Conditions including Basic Terms and/or any modifications (collectively referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) made thereto by Vettons herein contained. Entry and participation in the Contest shall be deemed to have understood and accepted of the Terms and Conditions set out herein.

1. The Contest is opened to all Malaysian citizens and permanent residents and be of eighteen (18) years  of age and above except for the following: 

a. Permanent and/or temporary staff or employees of Vettons Sdn Bhd including subsidiaries and   related companies (referred to as the “You”).

2. You must agree to adhere to the mechanism of the Contest as communicated by us during the Contest Period. We reserve the right to postpone or reschedule the dates of the Contest or extend the Contest Period at our sole discretion. You shall submit your entries by or before the entry deadline as set out in Basic Terms.

 3.We reserves the right to disqualify or reject, at its sole discretion, any contestants and/or revoke or forfeit any prizes at any stage of the Contest if :   

a. the Participant is not eligible in accordance to the terms herein stated;   

b. the entries are incomplete and/or failure to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions;   

c. the Participant breaches any of the Terms and Conditions;

d. the Participant has attempted to undermine the operation of the Contest by fraud, cheating, deception  or conduct;   

In the event of a disqualification after the prize has been awarded, we reserve the right to demand for the return of the prize or payment of its value from you. 

4. The prize for the Contest shall be as set out in the Basic Terms. The winners’ names will be notified or  announced by us in such a manner as set out in the Basic Terms. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash or other deals or goods or credit of any kind. We reserve the right at its absolute discretion to substitute any of the prizes with alternative prizes or similar value at any time without prior notice. We reserve the right to request proof of your identification before giving out the prize.

5. You understand and agree to enter and participate for the Contest is solely at your own risk and shall  assume full responsibility and agree that we shall not under any circumstances be liable to you or other person whether in tort, contract, statute or otherwise for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage and costs, and for damages for any loss of profit or revenue or otherwise, arising out of or in connection to any use of, access to, participation or inability to use or access or participate in the Contest.

We make no warranty or representation of any kind, including but without limitation to the following:   
(i) the continuous, uninterrupted and error-free operation of the Contest;   
(ii) the accuracy of the information or statement provided herein;
(iii)freedom from any actual, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss, destruction, damage, corruption, attack, interference, hacking, or other security intrusions whatsoever; or You shall indemnify us, our affiliates, agent and sponsors from and against all liability, loss or damages suffered thereby as a result of your breach of this Terms and Conditions and/or the rules and regulations of the Contest. 

6. You are not allowed to copy, use, reproduce, publish, upload, download, post, or distribute in whatsoever manner any contents of the Contest, whether in whole or in part, for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written approval of Vettons. 

7. You consent to allow Vettons to process and disclose to any third party their personal data provided by you pursuant to this contest for any and all purposes relating to this Contest. You acknowledge that Vettons is authorised to process the personal data provided pursuant to this contest in accordance with its Privacy Policy on  

8. We reserves the right to change, suspend or alter the Terms and Conditions of the Contest, or terminate the Contest  at any time without prior notice.  

9. Vettons’ decisions on all matters relating to the Contest are final and binding.

10. Email us at for further inquiries (Monday- Sunday 9.00am to 6.00pm excluding Public Holidays).